Artist prints

My dear friend and collaborator Kristyn Platt of Hunton Design, shot some photos to illustrate what you can do with your prints after you pull out the (conviently perforated) prints, from our 2018 Calendar


The prints are standard 5"x7" size, slap a frame on them or send them as a postcard! 

There’s still time to order to gift in time for Christmas, takes two days to ship. Order by Tuesday the 19th to be safe, or Wednesday the 20th if you’re a risk taker! XO


I am super excited to announce the project I’ve been working on! An artist wares holiday sale at the Frontier, 14 Main Street, Fort Andros, Brunswick, ME. We have an amazing line up of vendors,artists & makers that will be offering an amazing variety of giftable hand mades. For men, women,  and children. From hangable artworks to, jewlery, wood tumblers, to salves, to ceramics, to artist designed clothing! It’s gonna be a beautiful spread! 


I’ll be selling original paintings and for the first time, prints, calendars, greeting cards & stickers! I’ll share soon what I have and will also list some in my shop here on my website!  

I hope to see you at Frontier December 1st-3rd! Sip a cocktail, listen to live music, and get your shop on! 


Arts Are Elementary

I'm really excited to participate this year in Brunswick's Annual 10x10 Benefit Art Exhibit & Sale. Sales benefit Arts are Elementary, a local nonprofit providing art experiences for students K-5.

The main event is tomorrow, Friday, September 22, 6 to 8pm. At the Morrell Meeting Room at the Curtis Memorial Library & (adjacent) Parish hall at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Find more info here


There will be works of art by 150 Maine artists in four sizes, $200-300 a piece.  

These are the two pieces I submitted. >

'Crab Nouveau' 10x10   

'Crab Nouveau' 10x10   

'Isle'  10x10

'Isle'  10x10


It's a great cause & a really fun event! Hope to see you there! Go buy some art! 


This commission 2' x 16" just went to it's home. In loving memory of my client's grandmother. Honoring her memories of her at the beach, & her love for white roses, dark purple lilacs, cattails, & red wing black birds. She also requested a figure wearing her trademark hat and black yoga pants.


Thank you Darcy & Al for trusting me to represent & illustrate something so special.  

Paintings are a beautiful way to preserve someone's memeory.  

I talked!

I'm so grateful for everyone that made it to the SHED Talk, & thank you to everyone who couldn't, for all the love & support! My work is in the SHED till the end of September.

Everything is available for purchase, please contact me with any interest.







These three 2'x4' paintings were designed to be hung horizontally or vertically. I will be posting detailed pictures of each on my 'Paintings' page soon! 


Mali & Jordan are one talented artist couple, that make up Doublet Design, check their work out and the awesomeness they're creating at the hed. Thanks for having me friends!  

My personal assistant.  

My personal assistant.  

S.H.E.D. Talks

August 31st, the last Thursday of the month is art walk in Wiscasset, Maine. 

I am going to be the featured artist at Doublet Design, where I will be showing some new paintings as well as giving an artist talk ablout my process and inspirations! 

S.H.E.D Talks at dusk, is a lecture series featuring a different artist each month during Wiscasset's Art Walk. With a goal of "bring(ing) artist, craftspeople and the community together to discuss and engage with creative ideas."

July's S.H.E.D. talk with ceramist Julliette Walker 

July's S.H.E.D. talk with ceramist Julliette Walker 


"The Doublet Space for Handmade Exploration Design is a multi functional space that serves as a seasonal workshop and gallery located on the Sheepscot river in Wiscasset."


I am hard at work finishing up 3 large (2'x4') pieces and preparing my talk for to share with you.


I'm not going to lie I am a ball of excitement and anxious energy! I've never been much for public speaking but I am up for the challenge and so excited for opportunity. Please come and support me and be a part of this amazing artist community! 

Hello, it's me.

My gracious friend of Malorrie Anne Photography came and took photos of me doing my thing in my home studio.  


During the photo shoot we were both balancing our first and foremost job of playing momma to our babes, whilst trying to do our art. I'm not going to lie it was a bit of chaos, distraction, & disorder, but Malorrie managed to do a beautiful job & I am so grateful. 


Malorrie has also taken our family portraits on a couple of different occasion, as well as photographed some of my close friends weddings. She is such a calm and easy going pressence & a natural talent. Look her up if you're in the need of any photos! 

The Extinction Event

My work is up, & part of a really cool show for a great cause, now exhibited at Frontier


Spindleworks's annual all species exhibit! - "The Extinction Event is meant to draw attention to our living planet, both to celebrate & to raise awareness of the diversity of species, all affected by our actions." A portion of all sales from the exhibit will be donated to Maine Audubon to help fund their efforts to protect Maine’s wildlife.

by: Maureen Block. 

by: Maureen Block. 


I have 3 pieces up in the company of lots of other great work, from artist all over #Maine. Opening is August 11, 2017, 4-7pm. Exhibit runs August 1st-September 29th 🌍

Forever in the air.

Wedding gifts of 2017 - 


Erin & Dylan Hawley,  in the beautiful rolling hills of Vermont.  


Clair & Bill had an amazing party on Foster's Point. I never got a picture of it framed. 


Commissioned for a couple wed in a rose garden in Colorado.   

& Last but not least,  another commission, gifted in Minnesota for a couple proud of their home state, an interest in Vikings, runes, spirit animals, & the significance in the number #17. This one was fun, because I was given so much info to work with! 


A painting is a great way to commemorate a couples special day, something they'll have forever, & who doesn't love original art on their walls?! Contact me, I'd love to work with you! 

Eat More Art

Excited to be a part of an awesome group show at Pinecone+Chickadee at 6 Free Street Portland Maine. Featuring the works of over 70 local artist, & 91 pieces of art! Each artist submitted an 8"x8" panel, with their own chosen subject matter, medium, & style. Creating a really cool collection! 

My piece: "All Knowing Bees" - Available for purchase.  

My piece: "All Knowing Bees" - Available for purchase.  

The show is up for the month of June! Besides amazing local art, Pinecone + Chickadee has a ton of other fun vintage, cloathing, pins, patches, shades, jewlwery etc. Check them out! ✌🏼

For Aftyn

I was recently contacted through Instagram to create a special painting for a gem of a follower. She sent me pictures of her space & wanted something "earthy/foresty." Though we haven't officially met, I knew that she grew up in Maine and I wanted to create something that had the essence of Maine's woods meets coast, to hang in her new home, New York. 


It's hard to believe that I shipped it Tuesday and it has already arived (by Thursday) at it's new home!

Aftyn writes:

"It is the perfect addition to our house. The ferns remind me so much of my childhood, running through the woods without a care in the world. The subtle touch of the ocean warms my soul; it reminds me of my true home, Maine. The one constant place in my life. Seriously... I could sit here and stare at this painting all day and be happy. I love it ... ! It means so much to me."

Aftyn (beautiful name right?) you were a dream of a client, thank you so much for your support, compliments and recommendation.

Who has a bare wall that needs art?! I'd love to book another commission, I am ready when you are! 

Mom, Artist, Wife, Bartender

My life is full, all good things. Obviously being a mom to my girl is priority number one. I'm lucky that I get to spend my days with her, & only work a few nights a week bartending, (obviously not my passion, or what I want to use my degree for, but it's at the best possible restaurant & gratefully profitable.) We've never needed to find daycare because she always gets to be with me or my husband. Which has been ideal for us.

Being an artist at the same time, is where it gets tricky. My heart & mind always want to be making, always wants to be productive. Finding that balance between being present with my daughter Juniper & finding the time to paint is hard. Having a home studio helps, because I can more easily steal moments here are there, but it also brings its challenges. If I'm home and you can see me I'm 'available' or I myself can easily be distracted, or often do what I like to call 'procrasti-clean.' 

My husband is very supportive & Juniper lets me get away with it for the most part, sometimes too much, & then I feel guilty that my attention isn't all on her... the struggle for the perfect harmony is real. What ever did I do with all my time before motherhood?!

IMG_2104 (2).jpg
Attention stealing tactic. Clown. 

Attention stealing tactic. Clown. 

Nap time the most glorious time of the day! 

Nap time the most glorious time of the day! 

My situation, for the most part, is as ideal as it could be, & I am grateful. 

BUT boy do I dream of finding that elusive, & valuable commodity; Time. 

Someday I'll be the prolific artist I have boiling up in me, (& or update my website as often as I should ... ) Until then standby and be patient with me, or more importantly I'll be patient with myself. 

<3 - nikki 

Latest Comission.

I recently got asked to create a painting for a friend featuring his three favorite 'critters' as he called them. Being a scuba diver, & a traveler, he has actually come face to face with each of them.  A great white shark, a hammer head, & a tiger shark. He spoke of them so affectionately.

Scary predators are not my usual subject matter, but I seriously had so much fun making this painting. 

2' x 3.5' Watercolor and milk paint on birch panel. 


It was such a reward to see how happy & excited he was to with the finished product. 

Have an idea you'd like to see visualized? I'm your girl!  


Follow me on Instagram: nikki_pilgrim_art -


I've been painting a lot, and not very good at sharing, especially not here on my website.

I have goals to get better! But until then Instagram is a great way to keep up with me. 

I have an impromptu show up, more news to come!  

Cheers & Love,  


Character development

I have an exciting project brewing, & I think I'll be spending a lot of time with the idea of this guy.  

5" x 7" watercolor. The seagull.  

5" x 7" watercolor. The seagull.  

It might be awhile before I tell you more, but I wanted to share a little prelude tease. <3