Hello! Thanks for checking me out - Nikki Pilgrim.

I am a contemporary watercolor painter & illustrator for Artemis Flock.


I am a hibutual maker, I am always compelled to be producing & I have found my happy place in painting. 

It's apparent when viewing my work that I love color, movement, & pattern. Funk & fun. While some of my paintings contain symbolism, my work of late is purely inspired from the beauty that we are surrounded by here in Maine. 

My process revolves around being a mother, having a home studio, & the time I can steal for myself to paint. I take endless inspiration from being outside in my garden & in nature with my family, from the mountains, to the woods, to the beach. I find so much therapy & influence from my time spent in on the coast, with the ocean & watching the waves. The abyss of the sea is like a temple to me, the moody blues, constantly changing, the movement and the vastness.

Another muse of mine is from my other passion, treasure hunting at flea markets. I love antiquity, art deco, art nouveau & folk art. Nature & flea markets, both of which Maine is rich with, fuel me with creativity & endless making. 

It's the day to day, the moving beauty of nature & humanity, together with my need to create, that shapes me as an artist, & motivates my painting.  

A form of art & my way of life. 

The mark of all good art is not that the thing done is done exactly or finely, for machinery can do as much, but that it is worked out with the head and the work (wo)man's HEART.   - Oscar Wilde

A NH native, I received my BFA from the Maine College of Art in 2007, with a focus in printmaking & have since been living & making art on the coast of Maine. 

Thank you for viewing my work! Make sure to check out my 'Happenings' to see what the latest is.

Follow me on Instagram @ _nikkipilgrim_art_ & @artemisflock

Cheers! Nikki 


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