For Aftyn

I was recently contacted through Instagram to create a special painting for a gem of a follower. She sent me pictures of her space & wanted something "earthy/foresty." Though we haven't officially met, I knew that she grew up in Maine and I wanted to create something that had the essence of Maine's woods meets coast, to hang in her new home, New York. 


It's hard to believe that I shipped it Tuesday and it has already arived (by Thursday) at it's new home!

Aftyn writes:

"It is the perfect addition to our house. The ferns remind me so much of my childhood, running through the woods without a care in the world. The subtle touch of the ocean warms my soul; it reminds me of my true home, Maine. The one constant place in my life. Seriously... I could sit here and stare at this painting all day and be happy. I love it ... ! It means so much to me."

Aftyn (beautiful name right?) you were a dream of a client, thank you so much for your support, compliments and recommendation.

Who has a bare wall that needs art?! I'd love to book another commission, I am ready when you are! 

Latest Comission.

I recently got asked to create a painting for a friend featuring his three favorite 'critters' as he called them. Being a scuba diver, & a traveler, he has actually come face to face with each of them.  A great white shark, a hammer head, & a tiger shark. He spoke of them so affectionately.

Scary predators are not my usual subject matter, but I seriously had so much fun making this painting. 

2' x 3.5' Watercolor and milk paint on birch panel. 


It was such a reward to see how happy & excited he was to with the finished product. 

Have an idea you'd like to see visualized? I'm your girl!